Welcome to TELE COLO

TELE COLO is a telemark skiing project, created in 2018, to foster the new age in telemark culture through films, events, meet-ups, merch, and other tele shenanigans.

"This is Telemark" is available NOW!

2024 KQTH Task booklet out now!

Celebrate 5 years of the KQTH telemark video competition!

Lifestyle Merch

$34.00 USD

Being too serious was never quite our vibe. Feel the same? Snag the "Keep Tele Weird" 5-panel surf cap and make sure everyone knows your style!  Available in 5-colors, you will...

$37.00 USD

Once thought to be extent, we are stoked to announce the rediscovery of the..."Polus Plantus"This L/S tee explores the "Polus Plantus" with an included graphic on the right slee...

$56.00 USD

Inspired by the classic photograph of Sondre Norheim doing what he did best... jumping and free-heeling. We bring to you the "Jump Off a Roof" hoodie! Time to get sending like S...