Welcome to TELE COLO

TELE COLO is a telemark skiing project, created in 2018, to foster the new age in telemark culture through films, events, meet-ups, merch, and other tele shenanigans.

The 2023 "This is Telemark" Movie Tour Starts November 3rd!

Lifestyle Merch

$32.00 USD

From death comes new life. Live on telemark, Embrace Growth! MATERIAL: Forever Young 4.5-Ounce, 100% Ring Spun Cotton!

$35.10 USD$54.00 USD

Low Stances, Lower Standards. What more is there to say? We took our classic graphic and redrew it to include a new ski setup (swallow tails are all the rage)... just because re...

$18.20 USD$28.00 USD

Quack Quack! Hold onto them duckbills... get it? Rock the old style with this new "Duckbill" 5-panel lid! Includes a custom "teleco" tag at the snapback. MATERIAL: Classic 100% ...