Elijah Vargas

Home Mountain: Bridger Bowl, MT, USA

Favorite Aprés Treat: Tallboy and a spliff

Major Beef: Knees that won't drop, heels that cannot be lifted. 

Bio: Born and raised in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, growing up Elijah was fortunate enough to play outside and enjoyed telemarking, "nordorking", and ski jumping during the wintertime.

Elijah currently resides in Bozeman, Montana where his free heel skiing has been reduced to telemarking with the occasional "nordork" when the conditions at the hill are poor or when he is feeling like a psychopath or wants to wear goofy clothes.

Elijah loves all types of skiing but has more recently begun to explore urban features and park (which has a strong correlation with how bad the snowpack was the previous season).

Elijah looks forward to staying healthy the upcoming season, shredding with the homies, and to keep building the telemark community.

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