Greg Yearsley

Home Mountain: Sunlight Mountain, CO, USA

Favorite Aprés Treat: Twisted tea and hamdogs

Major Beef: Dogs, the patriarchy, and toilet bowl stains

Bio: While Greg Yearsley - more commonly know as gerG - may not be the prettiest or most stylish skier on the mountain, he certainly is unique and easy to spot with those long limbs flailing around. Despite the cold embrace of chronic joint pain and an otherwise dilapidated body, Greg can be found rootin’ and tootin’ whether he’s in a crumpled pile on the ground in the park or ripping those epic 2-inch Colorado pow days.

At the end of the day he’s here to have fun with his BFFs (best friends forever) and occasionally do something cool on his skis.

"Go fast, pet cats" - Queen Elizabeth II

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